Purex bottle dating

Originally producing items such as windows and mirrors, the company later expanded their production line to include items such fine barware, chandeliers, and perfume bottles.

Modern miniature Baccarat bottles can be found for under .

Identifying the manufacturer of your bottle is the first step towards evaluating its value.

The bottle’s label or mark can be very helpful in this process. Is there any of the original perfume left and is it still fragrant?

What’s Hot Vintage Bakelite Jewelry – Bakelite was developed by Leo Baekeland in Yonkers, New York, in 1907.

As an early plastic, it was used primarily for electrical insulation […] I receive inquiries almost daily about selling stuff. Inquiries from the last month alone have ranged from selling high-end estate jewelry to the liquidation of a vintage beer can collection.

I was recently given a box of vintage perfume bottles to sell by a client.

While they smelled nice and reminded me of my grandma, I didn’t think they would be particularly valuable.

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Baccarat pieces can usually be identified by their circular acid-etched logo on the base.However, by the time all of the bottles had sold, much to my surprise (and my client’s delight), that small box of perfume bottles ended-up selling for several thousand dollars!So, where do the most valuable perfume bottles come from?Every glass object, even the most lowly, commonplace glass bottle, has a story behind it, although all of the precise details may never be known. What was the name of the company or factory where it was produced? Is it American-made, or a piece that was produced outside the United States?Can the company / maker be identified by the markings on it? All of these questions might come to mind to the collector or layman, flea market shopper, historian, archaeologist, or casual hobbyist………..

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