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The other was erected in the reign of Queen Victoria.Regent's Park (including Primrose Hill) covers 487 acres.

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Front and rear view of the Elizabethan gate house The Brixton Windmill was built in 1817 and leased to Mr John Ashby.

These figures are to be found in various parts of London, on the walls of school buildings.

This would mean that this church once had a school for girls and boys.

His work, in general, had a high tone of morality, from his works in the Tate and Victoria and Albert Museum, and his 'Physical Energy' sculpture in Kensington Gardens.

In 1900 he was prompted to take over a wall in Postman's Park near to St Paul's, and then had it filled with delicate tiles honouring 'heroic deeds of self-sacrifice.' He died in 1904 with thirteen tiles going up in his lifetime. If you click on the seat below you will see enlarged photos of all the seats, and will be able to read most of them.

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