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One possibility is that, in the last couple of decades, the Internet disrupted our notions of entrepreneurship; as a result, the Internet phenomenon took over the media conversation.I spoke with Nathalie Molina Niño, founder of Therapy For Business Women, who said the following: Most small businesses are owned by women, period. There are people starting lots of businesses not just in the tech world.Mark left no stone unturned, and the result is an impressively detailed account of the formative years of The Who leading up to the end of the sixties, including the history of the bands families and their managers Lambert and Stamp.This is a MUST READ book for any fan of Pete Townshend, as well as anyone interested in one of the most important periods of music and culture in history.

Mark Blake has started a new blog at, where he plans to post a few of his interviews in the upcoming months.I will not watch another episode of this awfully acted farce. I totally agree with Natalie - women need to rethink business and not be afraid to get out there. She didn't try to break the glass ceiling, the side stepped it!While I am generally a strong proponent of finding ways to get around these barriers to break these same barriers, I think this particular example is problematic because it can be seen as using the "master's tools" to dismantle the master's house.But not to fight against inaccurate portrayals of women’s achievements, problematic depictions of female entrepreneurs, and negative cultural messages about our ambitions does ourselves a disservice.More importantly, it does a disservice to the next generation of girls, who would inherit an even smaller space to explore their ideas and their passions.

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