Dating yamaha electric guitar

Chances are, if you started off playing a Yamaha guitar, you’re still playing one today, just like Frank Gambale, Dave Navarro, Liz Phair and yours truly.

Look closely the next time you go to a concert or club gig and you’ll likely see Yamaha gear onstage, and you’ll likely continue to see Yamaha gear for another 50 years if you’re lucky enough to live that long.

In 1966, Yamaha sold their first export models, which consisted of the G50, G60, G80, G100, G120 and G150 classical guitars, all produced at their Hamamatsu factory.

The models sold for retail prices ranging from to 9.

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Their first collaboration was with Spanish guitar builder Eduardo Ferrer, who helped Yamaha refine the designs of its classical guitar models.These qualities make their electric guitar a favourite of many leading musicians across genres.Yamaha occupies a surprisingly unusual niche in the guitar industry.This led to the development of the GC5, GC7 and GC10 models, which made their debut in 1967.At the same time during the mid Sixties, Yamaha expanded its production by offering its first steel-string and electric models, including bass guitars.

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