Dating rugby players

Plus, the fact that most of them have some pretty charming accents to go along with their devilish good looks doesn't hurt either.

Do your best not to drool on your laptop as you check out these hot rugby players in the photos below.

Between the good looks, blessed bods and preppy charm, these gorgeous guys are the most irresistible athletes on the face of the earth.

But frankly, who wants to spend an hour hinting that you really have to get to work when he wants to stay and make eggs together?

A forward wants to be on top, to dominate and control the game.

Backs are more agile, and often in better shape, so you can count on endurance in the bedroom, and still a very rowdy time.

If you thought those guys were good looking, you might want to open a window...

Things are about to get seriously steamy up in here.

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