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=) Dimensions:- Length: 36.8 m Height: 37.6 m Width : 17.4 m Color : Light Blue Pilot : Mint Blancmanche as Second Lieutenant Weapons:- Long-range: warhead launcher Medium-short range: 3 fliers, orbiting the fighters controlled by telepathy, shooting lasers HP: 7000 EN: 10000 Special: Flier Dance, the 3 fliers become high-speed and fire high energy lasers killing everything within the area of effect. He did get quite emotional and still tell you to go back immediately to save Shatyarn, but you then tell him Shatyarn's order to keep him safe and the only way to win is to meet up with the remaining troops, then he finally accepted and agreed to meet up with the remaining troops first. She said she doesn't really need to respect you because she thinks you still have 10 years more to learn to be commander in her eyes. She tells you that Vanilla comes to help everyday and lay her life on treating patients! At the Cargo bay: Milfie and you talk about stories of ghost inside cargo bays, as she worries, Vanilla came in to get medical supplies, Milfie said there are 10 ghosts in this cargo bay and let's play a hunting game! Luft: "Luckily in long distances the enemy cannot recgonise individual ships, and they wouldn't think that Eilsor will run alone! You have no choice but to let him go and take command of the Eilsor. There are claws on the limbs and will become fliers as well. Then Luft shows a clip of Eonia's speech shortly after claiming himself emperor, accompanied by the Angels. Then she "teaches" about commander in her standard... Vanilla: is it a military training hiding for enemy? Forte: "On behalf of the Angel-tai I truly thank you and wish you the best of luck." Luft: "Don't say things like I am going to hell! Depending on the difficulty, you will have 50 days, 100 days or no limit to prove to the ship’s crew that you are worthy to remain with them.Do this by building your relationship with the girls on board.

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Thanks very much =) Version History: ---------------- version 0.012 finished more of Milfie's stage and corrected some errors version 0.011 added on some character details version 0.01 first version posted Contents: --------- (Chapters) 1. Besides Kung-Fu practising she also an enthusiast in Horoscopes, fortune-telling in anyway, and in creating and enjoying extremely hot foods! He would very likely give up easily as well." Milfeulle: "(delighted) Arigatouojaimas Commander! Almo and Coco reported the situation to Luft, and Luft introduced you to them.To build your relationship with the girls you can talk, give gifts, date them and even fight them.Develop your power, intellect and magic stats to help you along the way.specialised in rituals and medicine, she has special healing power with her nanomachine, which is kept as pets (all named nanomachine =P) when not in use. She will carry out all your orders during battles but she would work on her own between battles, and gives you angry faces at times. the 5 pretty girls) and to take control of Eilsor, the imperial spaceship, to counter-attack and bring "Prince" Shiva back to throne. Rester Cooldaras 22-year-old, your assistant in command. Co Co (as Radar operator) Also a nice 17-year-old girl working together with Almo, who reports on reconassiance findings and takes care of interstellar travel operations (which is called "Chrono drive") with Almo. Creta 24-year-old Chief Engineer of the Hanger and Angelfighters. While you enjoy life with all the girls he coordinates the merge of the second and third spacefleets for the counter attack. Shiva 10-year-old "Prince" Shiva (why adding quotation marks? A common problem with fast fighters (GA001, GA002, GA005), they can get very close to the opponent and only use the weak beam gun, wasting time and get hit by others. not surprised attacks or battles without all 5 Angels. The others also would like you to call in their first names ie. Ranpha and Forte will call you "Tackto", Mint, Vanilla and Milfie will call you "Tackto-san".She is mysterious (doesn't speak), you have the opportunity to explore her past, open up her hearts... During battles he takes over the bridge while you enjoy your life with the Angels, and gives briefings before each battle. He's liked more than you by people on the bridge until in the middle of the story. Almo (as Communications) Pretty 17-year-old girl which reports on Eilsor and the Angelfighters. When that happens, tell them to stop and re-attack after 6-8 seconds and they can use missles etc again. Before battle starts, Mint will brief about each fighter and refuel, Vanilla will teach you about repair. Luft and Rester congratulate you and teased you a little.

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