Annie clark and luke bilyk dating

Actually, the news was publicly announced by Kendra in one of the Birthday Bash events. Also, since Chambers has mentioned nothing about it, there was nothing verifiable to say they got engaged.

Let’s see what she said to the interviewers during Luke Bilyk’s birthday bash in 2011: To be honest, I introduced myself to Munro about a year ago, but I knew Spinner would be an overly protective older brother, but that’s just who he is.

I’m dating her." Caption: Munro Chambers and Annie Clark.

But a Degrassi source has stated: He may be single as of now, but he has experienced relationships with celebrities and co-stars in the past, which we will soon be revealing.

Responding to an interview question in 2011, Chambers said : Justin Kelly is the best friend of Chambers, and both were Degrassi cast members.

Luke Barry Bilyk (born November 10, 1994) is a Canadian actor, best known for his role on Degrassi as Drew Torres.

He also starred in My Babysitter's A Vampire with former Degrassi stars Cassie Steele, Jamie Johnston, and Vanessa Morgan.

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