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It has been a member state of the European Union since 2004.This means that Polish women have working and travel privileges in any country in Western Europe such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany without the need for a visa.English is fairly widely spoken so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting around and your date may also speak reasonable English as well.If you hit it off and you live in the United Kingdom there will be no problems in bringing your new love back to your own country.If you are moving her to the UK then there is an even greater chance that she will already know people or be able to find other polish people to spend time with.The most important thing to keep in mind that when a Polish woman chooses to date and marry you it will be because she actually loves you.They are raised to be polite and dutiful and most manage to live up to these standards.

There are some real advantages to dating a woman from Poland. There are direct flights to Warsaw the capital city or you can fly to Paris and catch a transfer to Warsaw or take the train.Also Poland's economy is primarily based on heavy manufacturing and agriculture.This means that the men that she will be used to dating will be often a little rough around the edges if she is not from one of the major cities.Getting a visa for the United States also tends to be easier for a woman from Poland than from many other countries in Eastern Europe.This can also be an advantage when it comes time for her family to visit or if she wants to visit her family.

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